Інформаційно-методичні матеріали для самоперевірки тестових завдань учасниками пробного тестування зно-2011

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Оцінювання: Правильна відповідь: 1В, 2С, 3F, 4А, 5G оцінюється у 5 балів. Всі інші варіанти відповіді будуть мати таку кількість балів, скільки буде правильних відповідностей. Наприклад, 1В, 2Е, 3F, 4А, 5G має чотири правильні відповідності, а тому максимальний бал складає 4. І т.д.

Завдання 6-10 з вибором однієї правильної відповіді: Read the text below. For questions (6-10-) choose the correct answer ( A,B,C or D ). Write your answer on the separate answer sheet

Secret message to ourselves

Late one night more than a hundred years ago, an American inventor ran into a problem that seemed impossible to solve. He was trying to design a sewing machine, but he couldn't think of a way to get the thread to run smoothly around the needle.

He was exhausted and finally went to bed. However he was so worried that he slept very badly. He had a nightmare in which he dreamt that he had been captured by a tribe of terrible savages. Their king threatened to kill and eat him unless he could build a perfect sewing machine. When he tried to do so, he ran into the same problem as before. The king was so angry that he ordered his soldiers to kill him immediately. Suddenly, the inventor noticed something. The soldiers were all carrying spears, and in the tip of each one of them, there was a hole that looked just like an eye.

The inventor woke up and realized that he had just found the solution to the problem. Instead of trying to make the thread run around the needle, he should make it run through a small 'eye' or hole in the tip.

The inventor's name was Elias Howe, and this simple idea enabled him to design and build the first really successful sewing machine. He was not the only famous person to find solutions to diffi­cult problems in this way. Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb, said that his best ideas came to him in his dreams. So did Albert Einstein, the great mathematician and physicist. The novel­ist Charlotte Bronte also got inspiration from her dreams when writing Jane Eyre. Igor Stravinsky, the great composer, said that he 'slept' on his problems, and when he woke up they were solved.

Few people understand the meaning of dreams. In order to do so, you have to understand what happens when you sleep. When you are awake, you notice all sorts of things and get lots of ideas with­out realizing it. When you are asleep, the unconscious part of your brain is active and it begins to "digest' this information mentally. Sometimes it is that part of the brain that notices something im­portant that the conscious part of your brain didn't. The unconscious part of your mind, however, has its own logic and language. This is why the strange images in our dreams are sometimes called 'secret messages to ourselves'.

6. What was the inventor's problem?

A He was so tired he couldn't think.

B He wasn't using the right kind of thread.

C He hadn't designed the needle correctly.

D The needle was in the wrong place.

7. The idea for the solution came from something

A the king said in the dream.

B the inventor noticed about the soldiers' weapons.

C the inventor saw after he woke up.

D he saw in the eyes of one of the soldiers.

8. Albert Einstein is mentioned because he

A was a great physicist and mathematician.

B got inspiration from Howe and Edison.

C also had strange dreams.

D got many good ideas from his dreams.

9. Dreams are sometimes called 'secret messages to ourselves' because

A it is better if other people don't understand them.

B they often tell us important things through strange images.

C we have them when we are asleep and never understand their real meaning.

D our brains notice things other people don't want us to notice.

10. What do you think is the general 'message' of the whole story?

A Only inventors, artists and scientists can understand what their dreams are trying to say.

B If you work too hard and too late, you may have terrible nightmares.

C Elias Howe wasn't the only person who solved problems when he was asleep.

D Howe was the first person we know who solved a problem while he was asleep.

Зразок правильної відповіді















Оцінювання: Правильна відповідь: 6С, 7В, 8D, 9В, 10С оцінюється у 5 балів. Всі інші варіанти відповіді будуть мати таку кількість балів, скільки буде правильних відповідностей. Наприклад, 6С, 7В, 8В, 9В, 10С має чотири правильні відповідності, а тому максимальний бал складає 4.

Завдання 11-15 на встановлення відповідності: Read the text below. Match choice ( A-G ) to (11-15 ). There are 2 choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Don’t reach for the bottle!

We are constantly being warned about climate change and how much we contribute to the environmental problems our planet is facing but one thing each and every one of us can do to help is literally at our fingertips. [11 _______]

According to recent reports our obsession with buying and drinking bottled water significantly increases our carbon footprint. Apparently in America, the largest market in the world for bottled water, over eight billion gallons is consumed annually and in the UK the market is worth more than two billion pounds. [12_____] What is interesting is that according to most experts, bottled water is no better for us than ordinary tap water. So, we have an alternative in our own kitchens.

[13 _____] They insist that their water tastes better, has added minerals and comes in handy plastic bottles that encourage us all to drink more water wherever we are – something that many medical experts consider to be good for our health. But does this all really compensate for the 600 fold increase in greenhouse gas that is put into the atmosphere by producing and delivering the product? [14 _____] And what about the damage caused by the 75% of plastic bottles that are not recycled but disposed of in landfill sites? It has been calculated that drinking one bottle of water has the same environmental impact as driving for one kilometre in a car!

Many people also question the morality of buying a product that is becoming so scarce in some parts of the world that many people (like a third of those in Fiji) do not have easy access to it. The moral issue aside, is it really worth buying something that costs 2,000 times more than an alternative we can already find in our homes? [15 _____]

A The bottled water industry of course refutes these findings.

B The popular Fiji water travels 10,000 miles from its source on the island of Fiji to the upmarket UK stores that sell it.

C And at what cost to the environment?

D However, not all bottled water has this effect on health.

E These figures may not be surprising if we compare them with other bottled drinks.

F Turn on the tap when we’re thirsty!

G We should also think about future generations.

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Оцінювання: за зразком завдання №1-5. Правильна відповідь 11F, 12E, 13A, 14B, 15C, що оцінюється у 5 балів. Всі інші варіанти відповіді будуть мати таку кількість балів, скільки буде правильних відповідностей.

Завдання 16-45 на заповнення пропусків у тексті

Завдання 16-30: Read the texts below. Choose from ( A-D ) the one that best fits each ( 16 – 30 ). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


Do you think computer games are just for kids? Then you should think again. You might be (16) ______ to learn that the games industry now (17) ______ more money than Hollywood. (18) ______ a family buys a new PC, all they really want to do is to play games. It is hardly surprising that video gaming has (19) ______ one of the most popular (20) ______ of entertainment today. A good game is like a good film; it will hold your (21) ______, capture your imagination and play with your emotions.

The big (22) ______, however, is that watching a movie is a passive (23) ______. You have no say in how the plot (24) ______ or which characters dominate the story. With computer games, you direct the (25) ______ and that is what makes them so exciting. Finding the (26) ______ game is likely to signal the beginning of a lasting love (27) ______ with the interactive (28) ______ of make-believe.

It is (29) ______ to think of gaming as something simply for children and teenagers. In fact, the (30) ______ growth area of the market is the 25-35 age group.

16 A concerned B admired C surprised D startled

17 A has B makes C does D gains

18 A As soon as B As well as C As far as D As long as

19 A begun B grown C sounded D become

20 A makes B branches C shapes D forms

21 A gaze B attention C breath D control

22 A gap B variety C difference D direction

23 A pastime B task C routine D employment

24 A becomes B develops C turns D produces

25 A movement B change C action D performance

26 A accurate B right C complete D proper

27 A match B story C secret D affair

28 A region B area C society D world

29 A immoral B wrong C false D dishonest

30 A longest B widest C biggest D deepest

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Оцінювання: За виконання цього завдання учасник отримує 1 бал за кожну правильну відповідь, тобто вибір букви, яка містить пропущене слово, що відповідає змісту тексту. Правильні відповіді: 16 С, 17 В, 18 А, 19 D, 20 D, 21 B, 22 C, 23 F, 24 B, 25 C, 26 B, 27 D, 28 D, 29 B, 30 C, що оцінюються у 15 балів. 0 балів нараховується за кожну неправильну відповідь. Від максимального балу 15 віднімається кількість неправильних відповідей. Це буде становити фактичну кількість балів.

Завдання з розгорнутою відповіддю (власне висловлювання)

Зразок завдання бланку Б.

Завдання: Write 150-200 words article on the following subject:Television channels are becoming more and more specialized. This is changing the role television plays in our lives. Include the following points:


Start your article with: Nowadays television is becoming increasingly specialized. Each channel offers different experiences for different viewers. There are channels dedicated to sports, to cookery or to films.

The development of satellite technology in the 1980s and digital broadcasting in the late 1990s increased the number of TV channels. But this increase in choice has also made our experience of watching television different from what it was like before.

Twenty years ago, most TV sets could only receive a small number of channels. This meant that people were watching the same things, and events in popular programmes often became the central topic of conversations. For example, after watching popular soap opera “Santa Barbara” many people spent the following day discussing the relations among the characters of the film.

Today, people can choose whichever channel shows programmes about their favourite subjects. One person might watch a football game, but others spend the same evening watching a film of pop music videos. Apart from major events that attract a global audience, like world news or the Olympic Games, there are few things on TV that capture the public imagination the same way they did in the past.

But I believe having the freedom to watch what we want, when we want to, is worth the price of losing a shared topic for conversations.

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